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Directors and Coaching


Jürg C. Maier ("Main Director")

Susanne Sewald Director, DE)

Gaston (Director, Master Classes in Acting and Improv, DE)

Jim Cellini † (Master Classes in Magic, U.S.A)
Pedro † (Master Classes in Magic, CH)
Bob Fitch (Director and Master Classes in Acting, U.S.A)
Ed Bordo † (Vocal training, Master Classes, U.S.A)
Michael Raschle (Singing Coach)
Francisco Sanchez Martinez (Choreographer, DE)

CW Wolfe (Master Class Clown, U.S.A.)



Dirk Losander (Special effects, U.S.A.)

Bea Baumann (Costumes)
Ronald Fahm (Make Up)
​Stahl & Traumfabrik (Props)
Fohhn Audio Schweiz AG (Sound)
Spider Berlin (Stage)

menzi ebz ag (Light)


Tom Davis (Photography)

Martin Iarrera (Webdesign, Editing)
Marc Schippert (Video "the movie")
David Hofer (Translation)

Magician Martin Iarrera Team Magic Show

The Magician Martin Iarrera works with a team to bring his ideas of shows for events in Switzerland on stage.

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