Magic Shows for parties and events

  • You can book the magician for birthday parties, weddings and company events for up to 100 people. For larger occasions, please click  here

  • The booking tool is available in German only. Sorry.

  • If your desired date is unvailable, bookings may still be possible on other conditions

  • After booking, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • During the week of the event, the artist will call to discuss the details.

Bitte wählen Sie zuerst.
  • Die ganz grosse Show für Ihren Event: Nonstop Magie und Spass!
    35 Min.
    1,490 Swiss francs
  • Zauberer Martin Iarrera solo - ohne Figuren. Magie und viel Spass!
    4 Std.
    1,790 Swiss francs
  • Erleben Sie Close-Up mit Nobi und alle Figuren in der grossen Show!
    4 Std.
    1,790 Swiss francs
  • Wenn keine Show erwünscht ist - Close-Up Zauberei aus nächster Nähe
    4 Std.
    1,790 Swiss francs

There are many possibilities, ask me. Prices subject to change.
We reserve the right to make changes at any time without prior notice.