1 artist - 3 characters. You choose: 1, 2 OR 3...?

Close-up Magic + show variants: simply explained.

Live on stage - Trailer

Close-Up Magic? Isn't that too much of a good thing?

Martin Iarrera - The film of all films.

You love magical classics? You may book Martin Iarrera as himself.  You love surprises? Be brave! Book the rapid-turbulent show with assistant Nobi, Martin Iarrera and an old magical Diva. Don't be afraid. Elegance and Posh included. Your CEO will love it. Even suitable for kids, because Madame ist just a star from the roaring twenties - risen from her oxygen tent. Can this really go well? It certainly can. At least, my assistant Nobi is convinced it can. Just ask me for advice on the ideal cast for your show!

Duration of the show? with or without Madame? Info here.

Small party- big event.

Here comes the unvarnished truth. Spectators confess ...

I apologize for this video. It's really a bit stupid.