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What do customers say?

  • «It is truly a pleasure to work alongside someone as capable and reliable as you.  Thank you for your exceptional service.» Quintessentially, India

  • «We congratulate you on your excellent performance! Everyone had a lot of fun.» Posalux AG

  • «The show was a complete success! The tricks were very well received and the organization was impeccable.» Migros

  • «Your magical performance on the occasion of our Christmas party had a consistently positive response from the entire workforce. Perhaps there will be another opportunity ... » Mercedes-Benz Automobil AG

  • «Thank you very much! Your performance amazed us and was absolutely impressive!» Raiffeisen

  • «The magical diva Madame de Noblesse with her servant Nobi were almost perfect for our 100th anniversary. The 130 guests were received by Nobi for an aperitif and there, as well as later, were personally enchanted at the tables. The magic show entertained, impressed and amazed everyone - no matter whether they were 18 or 90 years old.» Stefan Staub v / o Kata, Student Union Commercia Schaffhausen

  • «They were inspiring, terrific and, in everything, extremely respectful and empathetic . Your arts and the magical spectacle will certainly shape our club discussions for a long time to come with joy, amazement and guessing how you do it. With a big thank you.» Rotary Club Kreuzlingen

  • «I would like to thank you for the wonderful enrichment. The guests (including me!) Were delighted, amazed, amazed, enthusiastic about the three characters and their various tricks! Especially with the "Nobi" you have enchanted those present in no time. I also liked the poetry of your numbers - some of the tricks like the floating table leave me speechless! I am sure that you will be remembered by the guests and I wish that one or the other person will get involved on a suitable occasion!» Christoph à Wengen, dipl. Arch. ETH SIA

  • «Simply great from start to finish !! Martin Iarrera is very friendly, accommodating and a great magician and entertainer! His final show thrilled everyone!» Bruno Binggeli, binggeli wbm AG

  • «You literally enchanted the participants of our event. You put on a great program. For this I would like to express my personal appreciation and thanks to you.» IRD Germany

  • «I received great feedback from the customer!» Ming agency

  • «I would like to thank you again very much for your magical performance. (...) We owe the good atmosphere on this evening not least to you. » Winterthur Versicherungen

  • «Indeed, your performance was just great! Thanks for your flexibility. You gave the evening a very special note, the people were enthusiastic and everyone had a lot of funAMAG

  • «Your magic has all cast a spell over us and enthused us. It was also great how you made our people laugh, that was really good!» Migros

  • «I was delighted that everything went smoothly ... the staff were delighted with your program.» Dallmayr Automatenservice AG

  • «Our guests were bright begeister Amberg Engineering

  • «Your entertaining table magic and the show loosened up the evening and gave our event a worthy setting. All guests were thrilled with your skills.» Swiss Travel Agency Association

  • «In the future we will be happy to recommend you to our event customers with enthusiasm» Herzbaracke, Federico Emanuel Pfaffen

  • «Compliment! Our guests found your show excellent, unique and brilliant! One guest said he had never seen such a top performer and you could perform on any world stage.» Emil Erzberger

  • «You have a wonderful way of approaching people. You feel what the audience needs and meet them sensitively, spontaneously and with a naturalness that simply fits.» Hanny Meier

  • «We think that you have entertained us brilliantly. The show is perfect for us. A big Bravo and Merci. It was great! We wish you continued success. We will be happy to recommend you.» Anita & Kurt Brüggimann

  • «It was a great success and the guests still write and mention you as one of the highlights of the festival. You loosened everything up and amused and surprised with mischievous humor, lots of charm and a pinch of irony. There was something for everyone. The amazed faces of the youngest guests were just cute. They were even speechless for a moment. If I am asked again whether I know an artist, I will recommend you! My mother absolutely raves about you and plans you firmly on her next birthday party.» Monica Hennessen

  • «We are still very enthusiastic about your fascinating, exciting and wonderful magic. Thank you very much again for your outstanding commitment!»

  • «We could have watched for a long time . People who are more likely to be introverted are laughing and talking to each other after your show. Your magic was just great!»

  • «Your show program was convincing, entertaining, amusing, funny and also extremely exciting, just great! You gave our birthday party that certain something and made it a wonderful, unforgettable evening.»

  • «Many positive, even enthusiastic comments from the guests show that your tricks were very well received. In particular, the last number on the stage caused a real storm of enthusiasm. Our elder also reported that he could hardly contain himself laughing. The mixture of magic feat and humor is what sets you apart, and we feel confirmed by the encouragement of our guests in choosing you as a person.»

  • «Some really couldn't get enough to find out about you.»

  • «Your show is extra class ! We were amazed at your tricks and were enthusiastic about your charm as Nobi. You took us into your magical world and strengthened our laughing muscles. We're still racking our brains today, but we don't want to find out - that's how it stays magical! Thank you very much for letting us hire you. Your show made our party a truly magical party.»

  • «You brought your magic across to our whole family in a funny, competent and very personable way - everyone was enthusiastic! The children and teenagers also had fun, especially with the lively little fox.»

  • «You were the icing on the cake at our party.»

  • «Thank you for your great magic show. We and our guests were thrilled.»

  • «I take great pleasure in your magic and have been able to marvel at them many times.»

  • «With your magic you enriched our wedding and made us all very happy.»

  • «We have only received enthusiastic feedback from our guests.»

  • «I liked the request. You were the best wizard I had ever seen.» (Letter from an 8 year old viewer)

«They amazed us and were absolutely impressive!»

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