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Magician spicing up parties, corporate events, x-mas dinners, weddings or birthdays. Laughing has never been more fun.

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"It's Showtime!" Martin Iarrera, the Swiss magician from Zurich, masters the art of versatility. Magic at the aperitif, followed by close-up magic right at the table, or a complete magic show? Subtle magical accents or full entertainment.


The charismatic magician astonishes and delights with his magic shows, which include strong illusions, clever comedy, and interactive tricks. Whether it's a small gathering in a hall or a large corporate event with a show stage, be it a customer event, Christmas dinner, company anniversary, wedding, or birthday - you will be amazed.


Laughter has never been so entertaining. With over 5,000 performances at events, Martin Iarrera has evolved into a skilled entertainer he is today. Let yourself be surprised!



Fun mandatory.

Martin Iarrera has been a full time magician since 1991. You will profit from his experience. Over 5'000 shows have made him a very flexible allrounder and are a guarantee for a professional and calm collaboration with you being the event organizer. Languages: Swiss German, standard German, English and French. 

«You amazed us and were absolutely impressive!»

«It is truly a pleasure to work alongside someone as capable and reliable as you. Thank you for your exceptional service.» Quintessentially, India



Nobody needs more fun.

Experience a charming and authentic artist, completely unadorned - so to speak, "unplugged" and without unnecessary frills. His incredible magic tricks and impressive effects will captivate you.


Can he truly read minds? Imagine rings that seem to impossible to merge, as if they were becoming one. Knots that dissolve before your eyes, as if by magic, into pure air. And three separate ropes that suddenly, in a surprising moment, transform into a single rope.


Have you ever seen a table defy gravity and start to float? Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world where the impossible becomes possible? Find out!


Magic with intelligent humour and style. Languages: Swiss German, German, English, and French.


Magic Show: 30-35 minutes or by arrangement.

Upon request, it can be combined with close-up magic at the table.


With Martin Iarrera, you receive an "all-inclusive package" as the artist brings all the technical equipment for up to 200 viewers: lighting and sound systems, a backdrop curtain, and even a podium if needed. Rest assured, everything will be tailored to the size of the event. For bigger events, please book your favourite event specialist.

Wizard Birthday Celebration
  • Corporate events

  • Customer events

  • Christmas dinner

  • Staff parties

  • Anniversaries

  • Topping-out parties

  • General meetings

  • Birthday parties

  • Weddings

  • Club events

  • Shopping centers

What awaits you is entertaining but unconventional. Adorable but funny. Professional but not aloof. Classics of magic interpreted in a modern way.



1,2 or all 3 characters? You choose! Old fashioned meets coolness!

You wanna see more? Let us entertain you. Quick costume and character changes
will astonish you.
Madame upon request.

A rapid show - creative and surprising.
Comedy, magic and variety
at its best.

Martin Iarrera always cuts a fine figure at your event - with or without figures.

Choose the perfect package for your event: with or without characters.





An excerpt from the press and a funny radio interview.

Magician Martin Iarrera Switzerland

«Enchanting indeed.» Luzerner Zeitung

«The magician enchanted with magic rings and a levitating table.» Entlebucher Anzeiger

«The fantastic and superior stage programme was widely acclaimed.» Basler Zeitung


«Perfectly presented magical tricks and lots of laughter» Thurgauer Zeitung

«Iarrera - this name is cult. (...) An absolute insider tip» Zürichsee-Zeitung

«The audience was bubbling over with laughter (...)

and was swept off their feet» Bild (Germany)

«The audience had fun, when it was led by the nose» St. Galler-Tagblatt

«The audience reacted directly and spontaneously, fervently applauded and sometimes screeched with delight. The interesting performance left young and old stunned. His eloquence was another entertaining factor.»Zürichsee-Zeitung

«The magician and quick change artist guaranteed lots of exciting and humorous moments.  The dynamic and brilliance is a recurring theme through all his show. (...) Truly a master.» Rheintaler

«Master magician witth astonishing tricks and eloquence in speech. One was left guessing and fooled, yet in admiration» Zürichsee-Zeitung

«Martin Iarrera fascinated with his magic tricks.» Neue Luzerner Zeitung

«Stunning» Tages-Anzeiger

«Unbelievable Magic» Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

«A master of illusion» Glattaler

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Article Display Magazine 07-08-2022 by Marcel Friedli about magician Martin Iarrera
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