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Do you have questions? You will definitely find the answers here.

  • How much do the different shows cost?
    The prices for events up to 200 people can be found in the menu under "Fees". For larger events, you are welcome to contact me for an offer.
  • We're only celebrating on a small scale. Isn't Martin Iarrera a size too big for us?
    No. The whole concept and the space requirement can easily be adapted to your wishes. I can play anywhere, no matter how limited the space. If you would like aperitifs and table magic, I can dose them finely and adapt them to the occasion.
  • We have a big event. Isn't Martin Iarrera a size too small?
    No. My biggest audience: 2'500 spectators. I can provide my own stage technology (light, sound & stage curtain) including a platform for up to 200 spectators. For larger events, I am happy to use the stage technology that is available, or you can book your preferred event technician.
  • Will we be entertained all night?
    No. During table magic, I entertain each table for 4-5 minutes so that there is enough time for conversations among the guests. Depending on the number of guests, I can do a second round. During the aperitif magic, I mingle with the audience and scurry around. In short, you won't be texted all evening. You only need to schedule the magic show: 30-35 minutes or as desired.
  • I don't like magicians! Magicians are boring, right?
    My shows aren't just about magic. You will experience a show consisting of comedy, spoken and musical numbers, strong effects to amaze and a sympathetic artist with many facets who is close to the audience. Many questions will remain: Can the artist really read minds and how could the table float freely? By the way, if you decide on a show with the characters: The quick costume and character changes guarantee an extremely varied and fast-paced show.
  • I beg your pardon? This magician also does children's shows? Can he really with adults?
    Yes, of course. You will be amazed: There are even versatile artists! I have been offering a wide variety of shows and concepts for company events, general meetings, staff parties and customer events for years. And also children's shows for kids from 5-10 years.
  • We have a customer event. Aren't the characters offered too childish?
    You can also book Martin Iarrera without figures. The characters are on request. In recent years, for example, the character of Nobi (in the red uniform) has worked its way up to become the absolute darling of the public. Sometimes Nobi is even booked alone, be it for close-up or even for moderation. The Madame is also valued, as she is another high-class splash of color in the show and provides powerful magic effects to amaze.
  • We don't want any travesty! Our CEO is there. What could he be thinking?!?
    Your CEO could be having fun! In addition, Madame can be booked on request. Her appearance in the 30-minute show is 6 minutes. It is a non-verbal and musical magic number. The Madame is simply an old magic diva from days long past and another attraction among the characters that Martin Iarrera plays with a lot of self-mockery and provides variety and fun. The show is suitable for children.
  • Does the magician joke below the belt?
    No. I don't do jokes on my show. My humor arises in the situation with a lot of sensitivity and respect. I never abuse my spectators and never expose anyone.
  • Will the magician do magic at each table?
    It goes without saying that I cannot reach every table for larger events of 200 or more people. If you, as the organiser, are overloaded with long speeches, endless awards, funny lottery games, tedious raffles and unspeakable Powerpoint presentations, I can no longer do magic... Let me advise you!
  • There are children in the audience. Is this a problem?
    No. The shows are designed for adults and at the same time suitable for children. But that doesn't mean that children will understand everything. But that is not necessary either, because they will have fun and be amazed anyway. At the close-up (at the tables) I have the opportunity to address the children in an age-appropriate manner and show them specific magic tricks, or you can book an additional children's show.
  • What does "professional magician" actually mean?"
    I've been a full-time magician since 1991 and earn my money exclusively with my performances. I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of my shows and work with directors, costume designers and prop masters. I reach the venue 2-3 hours before your guests arrive to set up the technology and prepare my show. A briefing with the chef de service is also essential to guarantee a smooth event. With my original and unique show and thanks to my experience from more than 5,000 performances, I stand out from many of my supposedly cheaper competitors.
  • Should we also book a moderator?
    Yes. If it's just a matter of greeting the guests nicely, moving them to another room, announcing speakers and passing on organizational information, then I'm your man! respectively even better in the figure of Nobi. After all, he's an authority in his uniform :-)
  • May I video tape the magician?
    No. The copyrights belong to the artist. Photos are allowed.
  • What happens if the artist gets sick and can't come?"
    In my whole career this has only happened 2-3 times. Thanks to a network of artists, magicians and comedians, I am happy to help you find a worthy replacement on the same terms. You can also rest assured that I will do everything possible to perform for you. Because I live exclusively from my performances...
  • What happens if I, as the organiser, have to postpone or cancel the festival?"
    By signing the engagement contract or making a booking in online booking on the website, I will definitely reserve the date for you. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the withdrawing party is obliged to compensate for the damage caused. The same applies if the event has to be postponed. If I can book an equivalent commitment, you will not incur any costs. In the event of force majeure, the contract expires without compensation. Bad weather, lack of visitors, lack of permits, etc. are not considered force majeure.
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